As life is diverse – we work with different approaches

We have called our tool box “The PRESENT”

  • Practical Presence – how to manifest Presence in life through concrete activities and fun tasks
  • Resonance Work – lifting you to a higher frequency via the resonance phenomenon (initiation and catalysation)
  • Energy Work – in the body and in nature. Energy points, Energy Yoga and working in nature on power places
  • Surrender and Release Work – releasing unwholesome conditioning (programs), feelings and habits
  • Energizing Nutrition – how can we eat and fast to grow spiritually – how do we learn to live more on prana (chi)
  • No Mind Meditations – cutting through mind – entering Presence in profound ways – guided and non-guided
  • Teachings and dialogue about inner freedom, Universal consciousness and the paths to get there

The past is history, the future is uncertain, the now is a gift. That’s why we call it The Present

We offer many different activities:

  • Retreats – 3-21 days intensive processes for groups of 10-20 people
  • Seminars – 3-hour sessions for groups of 15-50 people
  • Individual sessions – 1 hour one to one process with dialogue, guided meditation and energy work
  • Pilgrimages – to work in nature on sacred sites is a wonderful bypass of the mind
  • Flow skiing retreats in the mountains – a powerful combination of movement and silence
  • Snorkling and sun meditation retreats in the Philippines – 10 days with corals, turtles and colorful fish

We are inspired by many traditions and experience that all true masters are just different faces of the awesome power holding together this Universe

  • Freedom fighters like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Eckhart Tolle (outer and inner freedom),
  • Christian Mystics like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Meister Eckhart
  • Buddhist Masters like Gautama Buddha, Milarepa, Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh….
  • Advaita Masters like Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj….
  • Sufi Masters like Rumi, Shams…
  • Theosophy and Hindu Theology and Philosophy
  • Nature People like Aboriginals, Native American Indians and many others

As life is all energy vibrating – we work with resonance and flow

Solidity is just an illusion of the ego-based mind. All life is vibrating energy, the house, the tree, the table, our bodies, thoughts and feelings. This is why we work with the phenomena of resonance and flow.

Working to create resonance is one of the most effective tools of all on the spiritual path. When we are together with a teacher who is vibrating on a higher frequency (free of the mind) it can be compared to the function of a tuning fork. You will automatically tune in to the higher frequency and thereby access a deeper level of Presence. When we are in Presence healing and clearing of blockages are happening very fast and our journey towards awakening is catalyzed tremendously.

You can also compare it to a burning log. It is very difficult to set a log on fire but if you place it next to a log which is already on fire (the enlightened teacher) it will catch fire very fast. Much like many other forms of master apprentice relationships – e.g. in art and crafts – where there is both a rational (visible) and intuitive (deeper) learning happening in the contact with a spiritual teacher.

Doing what we call Presence Work is another powerful catalyst. Presence work is to work on the different Presence buttons in the body while having a specified focus. This will clear the energetic and emotional blockages in the body and create a better flow – which is necessary to access and stay in inner freedom. We will train you and give you a map of the Presence buttons and a manual of how to do the very effective work back home.

As life is “both-and” (not “either-or”) – we work bridging polarities

From the universal perspective the physical world is just a dance of polarities. We cannot have the one without the other. Night and day, summer and winter, ebb and flood, pleasure and pain go hand in hand.

True joy, which is of the transcendent dimension, is to experience both polarities without craving or aversion. In our workshops we experience and include the polarities fully in order to transcend them. We work bridging polarities like:

– Intuitive – Rational
– Heaven – Earth
– East – West
– Feminine – Masculine
– Body – Mind
– Outdoors – Indoor

As life is open ended – we work with no attachment to the result

From the perspective of the absolute everything is perfect as it is. Also you. It is only the mind that believes things should be different. The heart contains everything without resistance. Also change. If people start to live from the heart (also those “minds” that wants to save the world :o)) then things start to truly change. Not the other way around – creating change from the mind are only waves of action-reaction. Nature is fully capable of taking care of it self – also our true nature.

Working from the universal perspective everything is spontaneous – Life is Alive! And intelligent beyond words. This is how our workshops unfold – as organic processes. The goal is to realize there is no goal – we are already there. As Ramana Maharshi said: “Let what comes come. Let what goes go. Find out what remains.” Presence work makes you realize what “remains” – your true nature.

As life is one – we work from the place within where everything is connected

Working to connect deeper to the Presence that lies beyond all experience is another important aspect of Presence work. The more familiar we become with that place of Presence inside of us the easier it is to find our way back, when we get lost in the labyrinths of the ego-based mind.

This place is the place that cannot be described. Some words point towards it: Tao, Buddha Nature, Universal Consciousness, Christ consciousness, God, The Source, The Great Spirit, That, The Unmanifested…….. but what we are travelling towards is beyond the conceptual mind – beyond the beyond – so why waste anymore words. It can only be EXPERIENCED – by You!

As life is non dogmatic – we work within the realm of Experience

Truth is not truth until it is your experience. Presence Work takes you from belief to knowing. From intellectual understanding to living the Truth moment to moment. From briefly touching higher consciousness to living in communion with Life and God with every cell of your body – permanently.

Our processes are based on experiential learning and realization. Also the teachings and the dialogues are based on actual happenings – not stale theoretical structures. It takes organic processes to return to Life outside the mind!

As Life is joyful – we work with humor

For each of us our journey towards freedom is of utmost importance, and still it is of utmost importance that we don’t take Life, the journey and least of all ourselves too seriously.

Sometimes laughter can help us release blockages that have been withstanding any other attempt of release, as laughter connects us to the spacious openness of our true being. When we connect to the great Buddha laughter, the cosmic sense of humor becomes apparent in every moment – we see that everything is as it should be and that it has always been so.