“Come as you are – return as another…”

Most of us have experienced moments of unconditional freedom where time fades away and we are one with everything. It could be watching a beautiful sunset, walking alone on a beach, being in an empty cathedral, skiing down a mountain or sitting by a river. Our senses are free to experience whatever is – without the interference of the mind. We are fully present – filled with life.

This experience does not have to be limited to a few seconds or minutes. It can be our permanent state of being. It is our experience that Meditation and Energy work in nature can be a very powerful catalyst to that end – it is not without reason that the Buddhists say that “one day in a sacred site is like 100 days of meditation”.

You can experience Inner Freedom Journeys to:

  • New Zealand – “Into the Nature of No Mind”
  • Denmark – “Journey Through the Chakras – pilgrimage Samsoe Island”
  • Italy – “Ski Pilgrimage in the mountains”
  • Philippines – “Sea Meditation Retreat”
  • Austria – “Flow Skiing Retreat”
  • Peru – “Sacred sites of the Inkas”
  • Japan – “Infinite Beauty – Beautiful Infinity”

Where we integrate activities like:

  • Finding power places in nature
  • Working with Earth energy currents
  • Sacred sites meditations and rituals
  • Finding your way into the nature of no mind
  • Trekking/walking meditation in sacred mountains
  • Snorkeling and meditating in the sea over coral reefs
  • Flow skiing like water down a mountain
  • Encountering seals, penguins, whales, rare birds……

The activities are always voluntary so if one activity does not resonate with your physical abilities or interests there are always other things to do.

In the Activities/Calendar you can read about timings for upcoming retreats and pilgrimages integrating sacred sites.

See photos from previous Inner Freedom Journeys here:

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“God sleeps in the Rock, Dreams in the plant, Stirs in the animal, Awakens in man” – Sufi saying

The planetary perspective – what about the earth?

Sacred sites are acupuncture points of Gaya – the living earth. Like the human body the earth has chakras, acupuncture points and meridians. She is breathing – the trees are her lungs. The rivers are her veins. She has consciousness – just like us – but different :-). Doing energy work on a sacred site is a very effective way to heal the planet and to raise human consciousness.

Inner Freedom Journeys are not just to create miraculous results for the participants – the purpose is also to clear the blockages in the planetary meridians and chakras – giving birth to a quantum leap in global consciousness. This can be done through Presence work and other spiritual work on sacred sites.

We have found great inspiration in the Earth Chakra map and work of Robert Coon.Our work has been closely connected with one of the main meridians going around the globe – the Rainbow Serpent or the Michael line. We have done energy work on more than 20 sites on this line and totally around 50 sacred sites around the globe.

On the map above you see that the Michael Line connects sacred sites all around the planet. In Cornwall + Shaftesbury + Glastonbury + Avebury in the UK, Odense+Roskilde+ Copenhagen in Denmark, Moscow in Russia, Kailash Mountain in Tibet, Bali in Indonesia, Uluru (Ayers Rock) Australia, Machu Picchu in Peru and many more.

The individual perspective – what about you?

“It is not a miracle to walk on water – it is a miracle to walk on this earth.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

The purpose of all activities in Centre for Inner Freedom is to catalyze your journey back to the state of Oneness. This happens when our perspective shifts – from dualism to enlightened vision – through inner and outer journeys.

No one can tell what your journey looks like – this is the mystery you´ll have to discover yourself. And in reality there is no “final destination” either – as the way is the goal. To walk in unconditional freedom in every step – in every breath. A state where “Being” is primary and “doing” is secondary – not the other way around. This does not exclude “doing” in any way. Living based in “Being” actually makes your “doing” much more profound.

This state of Being is easier to step into when we are in nature or on sacred sites. That’s because of the “no-mind-vibration” in these places – opposite to the very compact mind-fields – or mine fields 🙂 – in the crowded cities. We could also call it a higher vibration in the sacred sites that allows us to resonate with our higher self. Our higher self resides in the stillness of our hearts – which is very much mirrored in the stillness of nature or an empty cathedral.

This is why we in our work find ourselves so much in nature and on sacred sites. These Inner Freedom Journeys into the outer landscape temples of this earth are powerful catalysts of your own inner journey.

What are Landscape temples?

To walk in nature is to walk in the temple of God. Just like in fractals the divine patterns of this universe are repeated on smaller and smaller scales. This means that the energy body of the planet has similar structures as the human energy body with chakra systems in the landscape. These energy patterns are repeated in landscape temples varying from several thousand kilometers (Line of the Bull) to just 100 meters (Externsteine in Germany).

An example is the “Line of the Bull” going from the root chakra in North Africa up through Europe to the crown chakra in Norway (Jotunheimen). See photo to the right.

You will also see the chakra landscape temple on the Island of Samsoe (where our retreat centre is located in the heart chakra). Samsoe island is 30 kilometers long and has been called the New Iona (a very sacred island near Scotland with a powerful landscape temple as well) by a leading expert.

Walking through the landscape temple of Samsoe island is a healing journey through the chakras of the island as well as your own chakras.