The Retreat Centre in the Heart of Samsoe

Samsoe is located in the heart of Denmark and is easily accessible from both Jutland and Zealand and the Retreat Centre is located in the heart chakra of Samsoe’s powerful landscape temple, just 1 km North of Besser, close to good beaches and the beautiful, protected Stauns Fjord – which the Vikings called “The Bay of Love” – once you’ve been there, you will understand why: o)

There is something truly magical when you are on an island – you are naturally centered, surrounded by the sea – there is nowhere to go, nothing to achieve and it is much easier to sink into your true self.

There is a deep and powerful silence in nature here – something that is a great help when you are looking for the pure presence beyond the mind. It is certainly something we have both experienced in our liberation processes and an ever deepening respect and harmony we feel in our relationship with the island.

Center for Inner Freedom offers

  • Seminars and Retreats of 1-21 days on the island
  • Annual Flow Ski trips to Italy
  • Rental of facilities for activities which are in line with the center’s other activities. More Info
Meditation Place in the Garden
Meditation Place in the Garden

The Centre’s facilities

The center has 10 double / single rooms and shared baths and toilets. There is also a communal kitchen, dining room and beautiful meditation halls, a large lush garden with old trees and open fields around the farm with the possibility of many lovely walks. The Centre also has a recently established forest garden, built on permaculture principles with many interesting fruits, nuts, edible flowers and perennial vegetables.

There is ample room to play or be quiet, to be social or retreat :o)

Living & Vegetarian Foods
Living & Vegetarian Foods

Live foods

For a living body and a peaceful mind, we need live food. Healthy, organic, vegan food is an integral part of staying at the centre, while we also work directly with all other sources of nutrition we have – sun, love, water, humor, earth, energy, wind etc. etc.

You also get the opportunity to learn new delicious dishes because everyone gets to participate in cooking as part of the stay at the centre – there is a karma yoga activity for everyone per day – karma yoga meaning: putting the divine into action :o)

How to get here

Address: Centre for Inner Freedom, Sildeballe 17, 8305 Samsø, Denmark, Ph. +4529924348

You can catch a ferry from Kalundborg (Sealand/Sjælland) to Ballen or from Hou (Jutland/Jylland) to Sælvig. For detailed info regarding ferries see: and Please let us know if you need help with planning the trip – we are happy to assist.

Samsoe – The island in the middle

If you take a map of Denmark and fold it together, first one way and then the other, you will see that the island lies in the heart of Denmark.

“Sam” means together/to gather – so Samsoe means the gathering island. It was the Vikings who gave it this name. It was here they gathered and distributed land and loot between them. We find that the island is still a place of gathering, now just in a different sense. We come here to gather ourselves – to become whole.
There is something fascinating when you are on an island. One relaxes and becomes more present, because there is nowhere else to go.

Samsoe has been praised as “The Pearl of Kattegat” or “the jewel in the crown of Denmark,” and many have historically lost their hearts to the island. And so have we :o)

Samsoe is like a Denmark in a condensed form – a mainland with islets. The island is 30 km long and 7 km wide at its widest point. Here are all of Denmark’s landscapes – from the glacial hills, forest, coast, moorland, fields, meadows, lakes, fjords – woven together beautifully.
Many experts have predicted that time, tranquility and unspoiled nature will soon become major assets for modern man. Perhaps that is why that the beautiful green island has attracted many writers, songwriters, poets, sculptors, painters and other creative people.

Samsoe is also Danish Renewable Energy Island and is already self-sufficient and exporting renewable energy. Several projects have received international environmental awards and recognition.

Samsoe has what is called a landscape temple. Like the human body has energy centers in the form of chakras, the island has seven energy centers with different qualities. The root chakra located in the old forest in the south – the heart center is located on the island in the bay that the Vikings called “The Bay of Love” and the crown chakra is located right at the top of the island by “Issehoved” – meaning Top of Head :o)