One of the wonderful things about life is that it never copies itself. Everything is fresh all the time – something we experience very powerfully, when we are set free from the prison of the mind.

When we share our experiences, we are not only inspiring others, we are also amplifying the effect of the experience in ourselves. The energy grows outside and inside of us.

It does not have to be about thundering miracles – it can be about subtle changes having an effect on your daily life. And it does not have to be about experiences of freedom – it can also be about blocks you have experienced.

Below you can read about some participants’ experiences from different retreats, pilgrimages, freedom Journeys etc.

The state of the Samsoe retreat is still in me.

Dear Cecil og Bruhn!

The state of the Samsoe retreat is still in me.

Apparently I have lost the ability to be irritated or worry unnecessarily. I almost observe incidents in life for what they are, namely incidents and not me. I am not these incidents. I feel a deep trust and feel carried by a very positive energy. I feel a loving wonder and tolerance towards the things I do not understand immediately – also feel I have lost the ability to judge or be judged. If judgement arises in me it becomes vague / wiped out like. It cannot attach itself to me. I experience my energy expanding.

I have always enjoyed my work, but it is as if only now do I know what enjoyment really is. This very special quality of being-ness flows through me where ever I am. My experience of nature has changed drastically. I feel and experience a connectedness and a sort of communication with nature that just is, completely effortless, and I am filled or cleansed. This state sort of grows and grows in me in a most wonderous way. I sometimes think: when will it stop? But it apparently doesn’t. I wake up every morning with a smile.

Previously I have had problems with my lower legs. Would get pains if I strained myself. It has completely gone. My legs feel very free and strong, the feeling in them has completely changed.

I’m just glad, glad, glad. Feel I have been lifted to a completely different frequency


Philippines: I am deeply grateful for all the experiences under and above water.

I want to thank you for all you created and the way you held the energy those 9 days in the Philippines. I feel so comfortable and safe with you. It is such nectar for my soul and my whole being. I am totally in love with the Philippines, nature, the people, the food, water, sun, the energy. I have a feeling of having been to Paradise. I am deeply grateful for all the experiences under and above water. For the experience of the process of surrendering. For the feeling of being held and touched gently by love. For connecting with my son on a new and deeper level. For the feeling of joy no matter where I was.

Thinking back I am deeply grateful that you understood what I was going through. It was so very important. It meant that it didn’t get too painful…..just difficult and I could then transform my feelings. I feel met and seen.

I feel like I have reached a new level of trust inside. Strangely fragile… if I have to protect it. Feeling like I am leaning back into a giant hammock, being held and carried……..meanwhile I am doing my daily chores and meeting the world (albeit slowly and a little lazy). Nothing sensational, no dramas. Life just is.

I also experience changes in the physical body. As if the cells are vibrating differently.

I am just really happy and grateful. My world has expanded and it is wonderful and beautiful.

And grateful for my contact with Milla……..she is such an amazing being.

Thank you.

The retreat on Samsoe was such a fantastic experience

The retreat in Samsoe was such a fantastic experience, I felt as if I had made, not just one, but several shifts. What a beautiful bunch of people, so loving, supportive, but yet courageous enough to extend and push themselves. In that “going further”, I feel that there was such a connection with “all”.

I am so grateful to you both for providing and facilitating such a space. You provide a safe environment in which we can feel safe to be ourselves, sort out the “baggage” and provide the tools with which to “move on”.

I have been so lucky since I came back to U.K. I have had some time off from work. I have used this time to think and reflect on my experiences in Samsoe, my journey over the past 14 months, and the movement through my retreats and time with you.

It’s been an amazing journey, full of “Oh damns” & “oh goshes”!! But the wow factor is prevalent! I feel as if I have almost been re-born, the stuff and mistakes are things I can leave. I have addressed them and cried, but feel the power to accept, forgive (others and Myself), and realize that it is all ok.”

Flow Ski Retreat: Sometimes a human being can ski like no one else has done before him

Thank you

Sometimes a human being can ski like no one else has done before him

He is absorbed by the perfect movement – caused by his soul being in absolute rest.

By him being fully surrounded by love.

By him being with what is there……….

By him being happy.

If he then stops to listen to the silence and explain to the mountains that this does not happen that often,

and the sun thereby blinds him,

so his soul leaves his body,

And he is free.

Another time he could have yelled “gracie mille” towards the mountains.

But this time he is just totally quiet.

Flow Ski Retreat: Everything formed a synthesis!

Dear Bruhn and Cecil

I had the most fantastic trip ever, everything formed a synthesis: Skiing, experiences, silence, sun, sleet, mountain air, wind, meditation, talk, connectedness, heart energy, just energy… and all that outside the realm of words. It was a gift. Thank you.